In the year 2003 Marco Paddeu and Marcello Fattore, the two founder-members, started the project Demetra Sine Die.

Music is not only influenced by the band’s dark/rock experience: from the very beginning, the attempt to explore a complex universe made of atmospheres, sounds and feelings, clearly shows the will of a new approach to music. An obsessive alternation of different and contrasting feelings emphasizing the emotional and spiritual side of music, is the thread or Leitmotiv inspiring Demetra Sine Die.

In August 2004 the band registered the very first Demo composed of six tracks for a total of 40 minutes.

In April 2006, strengthened by the new line-up with Adriano Magliocco (bass), the band started the concert of the Norwegian bands Theatre of Tragedy and Gothminister at Logo Loco in Genoa.

From now on the band’s distinguishing mark gets consolidated being characterized by the conflicting marriage between cerebral, progressive and decadent parts on one side, and more atmospheric and psychedelic fragments on the other side. The resulting scenery seem to be appreciated by different streams, from the dark progressive to the alternative rock/metal ones with the only compulsory condition of a common open-minded view of the sound not strictly bound to stereotypes.


Between May and July 2007 the band finished their first full-length album recorded and produced by Tommy Talamanca at Nadir Studio in Genoa.

This work came to light with the name of Council from Kaos at the beginning of 2008 via My Kingdom Music.

The band comments the album as follows:

Council From Kaos is a mixture of dark atmospheres created by cerebral riffs, haunting and evocative melodies with a continuous  alternation of contrasting feelings and moods whose climax is represented by “Magma”, the longest and most complex song of the album”.


During these years the sound has evolved into something different. A more visionary and cosmic approach to music has led first to “Distances” Ep (2010) and now to “A Quiet Land of Fear”, the second full-length. It’s  a psychedelic trip through our fears that shows a more doomish and warm sound integrated with new and fundamental elements such as trumpet and synths.

The compositions are long and intense, emotional and dark at the same time with a new “cinematic” spirit.

Autumn 2012 will see “A Quiet Land of Fear” out on cd/Lp via BloodRock Records exclusively distributed by Black Widow Records.

The artwork is made by superlative french designer Dehn Sora who has collaborated with Ulver and Ephel Duath.



Marco Paddeu – Guitar, Vocals

Marcello Fattore – Drums

Adriano Magliocco – Bass

Matteo Orlandi – Synth