“A quiet land of fear” reviews

Here some reviews for our new CD ” A quiet land of fear”. We’ll add others as they come http://www.agoravox.fr/culture-loisirs/culture/article/dark-psyche-envoutant-avec-demetra-128106 http://www.dagheisha.com/prod/music/reviewCd.jsp?idCd=7069 http://zacharynathanson.blogspot.it/2012/12/demetra-sine-die-quiet-land-of-fear.html?m=1 http://www.discoclub65.it/musica-italiana/archivio-mainmenu-71/5127-dopo-il-post-rock-incontro-con-i-demetra-sine-die.html

EBS Microbass II mod

  Some time ago I took a MicroBass EBS II, a very versatile pedal, basically a pre dual-channel, with effects send and DI of excellent quality but that I only use as a distortion pedal,  exploiting the possibility of having the two channels in series. Now, however, this pedal has a switch to change channels […]

Adriano main bass-guitar in Demetra Sine Die

I want to show the bass that I use in Demetra Sine Die live shows. It is a single-cut model that I designed together with the italian luthier Emiliano Nencioni “Biarnel”. You can see it here http://www.biarnel.com/liuteria/akme/akme1.html . It is really a great bass. I used it for “A quiet land of fear” recording. Its low impedance doublecoil pickups are […]